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Human Sustainability

We coach humans and teams

to co-create their sustainable dynamic path

to an inspiring work and life.


Based in neuroscience, integrating mindfulness supports our brain and body surf the ever expanding landscape of our modern dynamic lives.


Create space in your mind to stay creative, connected and learning.

Train pragmatic and critical thinking, navigate stressors elegantly and find more moments of joy, peace and inner stillness. 

Image by Evie S.
Image by Marissa Grootes


We support humans and teams looking to

re-think a great way to work.

Mindfulness for fast paced, agile and lean teams. Yes, including startup / scaleups.

We've worked with operational teams, digital innovation teams, customer service and commercial teams.

We co-create an innovative way of working to be weaved into your team structure and methodologies.

Integrate design thinking and human-centric design with mindfulness and leadership tools.

We can design an offsite or a workshop for your team to bring new air and inspiration, or co-create an integrated program for deeper and longer term transformation. 

You can also schedule your 1-1 coaching session for your own growth path, or to inspire and propel your leadership role.


Your nutrition has a tremendous power to keep your brain and body energised, functionally to your lifestyle. 


How can nutrition awareness support diverse and inclusive teams? from early career support to new parents and women in leadership inclusion and support.

What are the benefits of having a healthy microbiome (our second brain)? specially for creative or stressed periods of the year.

How can food support my sleep and recovery?

How to safely transition to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? And help save the planet! nailing your sustainability goals.



This is our time to complete the cycle. 

Live fully, work passionately, be creative, while we nurture our mind and body and give it space to renew and regenerate, so we can sustain our energy levels and achieve our ambitious goals.

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Industry Manager

Google Cloud

"I liked all the aspects of our team offsite.

However my favorite was absolutely the meditation session!"

Mindfulness for Innovation workshop @Google Netherlands


We'd love to get creative with you, for you

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