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Meet Thays

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Certified vinyasa flow and Iyengar Yoga teacher

Yoga came into my life a decade ago.

Back then I was just finishing my studies to become a lawyer and living an unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle, struggling to find joy and true purpose in my life.


Practicing Yoga opened a door for self understanding and self realisation as I have never experienced before.

Since then I decided to dive deep into this practice, studying different methods such as vinyasa flow and Iyengar Yoga, which gave me through the years a wider view from yoga as a science of the body and mind.

My Vision

Yoga is a philosophy of life that leads the practitioner to a state of self-knowledge and integration with the Self.


During the class we work on several techniques like:

  • Pránáyáma (respiratory techniques) 

  • Asanas (corporal development)

  • Yoganidrá (relaxation)

  • And samyama (meditation)

This set of techniques aims to awaken the potential energy of each participant.

Through the practice you gain significant improvement in your quality of life, as well as strength gain, flexibility, muscle stretching, body and respiratory awareness, reducing stress and increasing concentration.

The word yoga can be translated as union, integration.


It is a complete practice because it works the body, the mind and the emotions, harmonising your body and balancing your energies.

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