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Yoga + Mindfulness Urban Retreat

Saturday, Sept. 19th, 2020


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Who is it for?

In our current pandemic context, we know that MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) is more needed and useful than ever. 

So we created this 3 weeks program, an accessible opportunity to explore the science behind mindfulness stress reduction both from a theoretical and practical approach, so you can incorporate its benefits to your life.

Daily life stressors can be so constant that we don’t register them. They’re a part of the backdrop, woven seamlessly into our “normal”.

Over time, however, as they accumulate, these stressors can wear us down— leaving us feeling foggy, drained, tired, irritated, and even bloated or sore.

If you are a strong-willed and accomplished person, you may often give the impression that you are invulnerable to feeling inadequate or insecure or hurt. This can be very isolating, causing you to project this Rock of Gibraltar persona, and getting out of touch with your own needs.

If some of this rings true, then this urban retreat is for you


We will start every practice with 45 minutes relaxing yoga class suitable for everyone (beginners are super welcome!). The method combines a fluid sequence of postures (asanas) guided by conscious breath.
We will also include relaxation techniques that help you prepare for meditation.

Followed by a tea break, and the mindfulness program that includes guided meditations; practical mindfulness daily life exercises; discussing and sharing practice experiences.

Take care of your Body and Mind

Switch off your screens

Make time

to unwind


with others


At the end of the program you can expect to:

  • Learn MBSR. A scientifically proven way to control stress and improve the quality of your life.

  • Shed a different light in our common understanding of how stress works, through the eyes of mindfulness latest research and evidence.

  • Be able to start identifying how that feels for you, how it is affecting your thought patterns and reactions, and discover that there is an alternative, a space of conscious choice.

  • Learn and practice both formal and informal mindfulness techniques to start surfing those stress waves in a skillful way.


The program consists of 3 sessions of 3 hours over a period of 3 weeks.

Date: Every week on a Saturday starting 19th of September.
Time: 2pm to 5pm.
Every day starts with a relaxing yoga class and breathwork. For those who prefer to skip this, the program starts at 3 pm. Please let us know during registration.

Location: Bluebirds Centrum, Prinsengracht 493, Amsterdam

Full program: 

This includes 3 sessions of 3 hours each, a personal intake interview with the trainer, a workbook, guided meditations audios, herbal tea, and healthy snacks during the sessions, optional 1-1 consultation with the trainer.


Sat Sep 19, 2pm - 5pm
Sat Sep 26, 2pm - 5pm
Sat Oct 3, 2pm - 5pm

Home practice during the week in between sessions, supported by the workbook and audios, which you can do at your own time and convenience, based on the techniques we will learn during our classes. 

Language: English

Te interesa que hagamos este retiro en español? contáctanos.

Safety measures

Good to know and Safety measures

  • Minimum 6, maximum 10 participants.

  • Come fully dressed to ensure easy entry & exit. You can leave your belongings in our dressing rooms, but changing and showering are not permitted.

  • Practice space and mats are disinfected after each class, but feel free to bring your own if you feel more comfortable. If you don't bring your own mat, please bring a towel or blanket to cover the mat we provide.

  • Feel free to bring your own extra blanket to stay warm during sitting meditation practices.

  • Meditation cushions and blocks will be provided.

  • Please keep 1,5 meter distance and follow your teacher's guidelines to ensure a safe environment for everyone. The practice room will be set up so that there is 1,5 meter distance between each mat.


After enrolling you will have a personal intake interview with the trainer, where you can also ask any questions that might arise, and get to know a bit more details about the process we will follow.

For any questions contact us

Next date? 

We will try to schedule the next edition in November. It depends on Covid measures during winter.

If you'd like to join us in November, please register below and mention it in your comments. 

Also let us know if weekend or during the week works better for you?

Next date?


Manager, IT services

It was nice to be able to share and learn from others with different experiences and practice levels, the energy of the group was really great and positive, and both the location and the snacks were great

Elena, Head Project Manager

I've joined Glenda & team for the Urban Retreat in September, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is stressed or on the edge of a burnout. The dedicated time to focus in a mindful way on your body and mind has been extremely beneficial, and helped me to recharge, prioritise better and improved my sleeping patterns. Glenda is not just a professional & passionate advocate for mindfulness, but is also a very caring teacher who is genuinely interested in making the journey the best it can be for everyone. Thanks, Glenda & STLN Team!

Mireia, Senior Engineer

Found it by chance and I had the luck to experience the urban retreat. A unique experience! Highly recommendable.

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