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Training and merging


After more than a decade working in innovation leadership for Fortune 500 companies and the startup world, I decided to connect my experience in innovation, human centric design and leadership with an MBSR teacher training (Mindfulness Stress Reduction) in the Center for Mindfulness in Amsterdam, train on Functional Nutrition coaching (mbgFN) and Culture of health for business at Harvard University.

I  also completed my yoga teacher training with School Yoga Institute, and trained in Buddhism Mahayana tradition at Kopan Monastery in Nepal and  advanced Buddhist studies at Tushita Meditation Center in India.

Looking to create a connected way of leading a high demanding life in a sustainable manner, for myself and the teams I work with. 

I explored how to cultivate habits to allow my mind to rest in awareness and focus more sharply, be more creative and connected.

My journey included a deep life transformation trough mindfulness, as well as functional nutrition choices to support my body as it went back to balance.

I connected to great teachers in the process and amazingly inspiring people from different specialties and arts.

Lately I trained with music healing practices, introducing mindfulness of sound to my practice.

Glenda Balekjian Mindfulness Retreat.jpg


Human Sustainability

As a collective, for decades we have increased how much and how fast we can do, read, travel, how accesible information is throughout the day. 


Now is time to explore how we can do this in a sustainable manner.

How do we switch from a very active mind to a silent mind, an observing mind that can rest in conscious choice and make the right connections, be more creative?

This is our time to complete the cycle. 

Live fully, work passionately, be creative, while we nurture our mind and body and give it space to renew and regenerate, so we can keep expanding our possibilities to expand in life.

We can build human sustainability working on these 4 pillars:

  • Healthy connection with ourselves

  • Better connection to the present moment

  • Compassionate connections with others

  • Mindful leadership and mindful work methodologies

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