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STLN Retreats

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4 pillars of our retreats

We want to empower you to live fully, work passionately, create greatness, while we nurture our mind and body and give it space to renew and regenerate, so we can sustain our energy levels and achieve our ambitious goals.


We will build our methodologies on these 4 pillars:

  • Healthy connection with ourselves

  • Better connection to the present moment

  • Self compassion and compassionate connections with others

  • Mindful leadership of self and others

Our retreats present a down to earth approach to meditation, nutrition and movement, suitable for people with or without previous experience.

The group setting allows you to expand your learnings and awareness way beyond the limits of your self practice. Together we grow in strength, we inspire each other.


Manager, IT services

It was nice to be able to share and learn from others with different experiences and practice levels, the energy of the group was really great and positive, and both the location and the snacks were great

Elena, Head Project Manager

I've joined Glenda & team for the Urban Retreat in September, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is stressed or on the edge of a burnout. The dedicated time to focus in a mindful way on your body and mind has been extremely beneficial, and helped me to recharge, prioritise better and improved my sleeping patterns. Glenda is not just a professional & passionate advocate for mindfulness, but is also a very caring teacher who is genuinely interested in making the journey the best it can be for everyone. Thanks, Glenda & STLN Team!

Mireia, Senior Engineer

Found it by chance and I had the luck to experience the urban retreat. A unique experience! Highly recommendable.

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