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Why bring Mindfulness
to work?

Leading companies from Google to Amazon to leading start-ups are bringing mindfulness into work.


Here's the results they saw.

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  • SAP - an increase of 200% on ROI
    Peter Bostelmann, Chief Mindfulness Officer at SAP reported they have seen a 200 percent return on investment, with their mindfulness training leading to a rise in employee engagement and a fall in absenteeism.
  • Linkedin - more skilled applicants
    Mindfulness programs are becoming a “talent magnet” they reported. ​ "At a time when 52% of workers are considering a job change, a mindfulness program can put your company at a competitive advantage. Workers have made it clear that they want more flexibility and work-life balance"
  • Google - increased Focus and Creativity
    Google mindfulness program Search Inside Yourself (SIY) reported significant increases in Focus, Creativity, Communication, a sense of meaning and wellbeing, and significant decrease in stress amongst leadership and employees alike.
  • Intel - increased engagement in meetings, ability to focus
    Lindsay Benjamin from Intel, measured the Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS) before and after the 10-week mindfulness session— and reported an increase in engagement in meetings, ability to focus, and quality of relationships at work, amongst other benefits.
  • Startup CEOs - find new ideas and spot opportunity
    Charly Kleissner credits meditation with helping him come up with new ideas and ventures that would otherwise not have occurred to him. “I co-founded the 100% IMPACT Network because of my meditation practice.” Research on creativity suggests that we come up with our greatest insights and biggest breakthroughs when we are in a more meditative and relaxed state of mind. That is when we have “eureka” moments. This is likely because meditation encourages divergent thinking (i.e. coming up with the greatest number of possible solutions to a problem), a key component of creativity.


Redefining work for top talent around the world.

Prepare for the post pandemic boom: a new era of what work will look like for top talent around the world.

We can help you innovate on the way of working at your organisation, finding sustainable and adventurous methodologies to inspire highly talented people who are open-minded, inclusive and diverse, passionate about their job and won't settle for old style organisations or leadership anymore.

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How top companies
their mindfulness program

2 days program

SAP started with an experiential meditation with their CEO, who then bought into starting a pilot program of 2 days mindfulness training and more than 8,000 employees are on the waiting list.

They also brought external speakers to gather early evidence of employee interest.


They have over 50 mindfulness ambassadors who organise local mindfulness practices at more than 30 SAP locations

1 day per week program

Intel started with 1 day per week, on an 8-week in-person pilot program, and gathered pre- and post-surveys showing the impact, which garnered the support of Intel’s human resources department. 

They now have a 10-week mindfulness program, every Friday morning with a weekly topic, several meditations, timed writing, and group activity.

Over 7,000 employees have taken the in-person course.

Speakers + intro session

Verizon Media started with "an experiential activity, a taste of mindfulness".

Programming has included curating speakers, facilitating intro sessions, and offering a five-week program delivered by an external company.

A Verizon-Media intranet page acts as a hub to publicise mindfulness happenings and meditations at different office locations.


We are creating an ecosystem where the intention is to be able to provide something for every level of interest of employees, and based on the response, it seems we are hitting the mark” .

Meditate at your desk

A meditation to focus attention - When you’re stressed, overwhelmed, or distracted, you can regain momentum by resting attention on a single focal point.


Explore this 9-minute mindfulness practice to calm a busy mind from Rich Fernandez, CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

Walking Meditation

Helpful after long periods of sitting for work.


Walking and movement meditation is a wonderful practice to re-energize and also when there is restlessness in the body after a stressful event.

A guided meditation by Verizon Mindfulness team.

Your micro Steps

There are many options to introduce mindfulness to work.

From micro-steps to activate change, weekly programs, or your custom intranet resources to integrate with your team's time and needs.

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