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STLN for Teams

Prepare for the post pandemic boom: a new era of what work will look like for top talent around the world.

We can help you innovate on the way of working at your organisation, finding sustainable and adventurous methodologies to inspire highly talented people who are open-minded, inclusive and diverse, passionate about their job and won't settle for old style organisations or leadership anymore.

The proposal is to co-create a sustainable and regenerative working system by curating a conscious program that will promote a transformative way of approaching our daily work.

Why Sustainable?

Think of human sustainability as we think of environmental sustainability:

Our energy as humans, our body and brain capabilities, need to be nourished invested consciously, and given time to recharge and renew. A complete cycle.

Your organisation and teams are moving and learning faster than ever before. Do you resonate with that?

So: how do we keep scaling our activity in a sustainable way?
What are we putting in place to ensure we still have (human - brain) resources to be creative in the long term?

How do we switch from a very active mind to a silent mind, an observing mind that can make the right connections and be creative with all the new information we receive daily?

How do we promote truly inclusive and diverse teams?

Why Regenerative?

We all want to be more creative and more resilient (fail fast, learn fast)

Handle stress in a wise way, be able to pivot between different topics and be effective at all of them.

Learn new skills, connect with colleagues to co-create projects with them.

Be able to communicate our ideas in a clear way, and much more.

Having this passion for our work can put us in a demanding setting.


We need our body and brain to be at their best, to be able to re-connect and regenerate.


Which they will naturally do if we give ourselves the right tools, spaces and nurturing habits.


The vision

This is our time to complete the cycle. 

Live fully, work passionately, be creative, while we nurture our mind and body and give it space to renew and regenerate, so we can sustain our energy levels and achieve our ambitious goals.

Get Going
Package 1

Micro changes to start your spark.

Reach many people with a small time investment.

Aha Moment
to Awaken

Package 2

A team session or workshop. Off site or on site. Get off the treadmill of daily life, take a deep breath and spark that aha moment.

Enable Innovation
Package 3

Leadership and champions as enablers for change program.

Gain Traction
Package 4

Let's co-create a

behaviour change ecosystem.

Relatable Habits Creation
Package 5

Integrate with your team's working conditions. An innovative way of working woven into the fabric of your team.

Package 6

We meet humans where they are.

Implement human centered design to map your team habits and needs, we co-create an innovative program for you.


True integration

STLN team stages.png

We go beyond the standard 1 size fits all content.

Your top talent is probably already aware of the theory, and many of them have access to meditation apps  (where most humans struggle to get consistency).

We combine the expertise in corporate and start-up leadership with mindfulness, to design innovative ways to connect with your team.


We co-create options to be relatable to context  and woven into the fabric of your team's habits.


Make true lasting impact in building a great place to work.

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