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We coach teams, leaders and individuals

to co-create their sustainable dynamic path

to an inspiring work and life.


The STLN method

A dynamic approach to a sustainable purposeful lifestyle.

Mindfulness training

Based in neuroscience, integrating mindfulness supports our brain and body surf the ever expanding landscape of our modern dynamic lives.


Create space in your mind to stay in the connect, learn and creative modes, associated with resilience, awareness in communication and new neural paths creation in the brain.


Sustain pragmatic and critical thinking, staying away from automatic pilot.

Navigate stressors elegantly and find more moments of joy, peace and inner stillness. 

Work Integration

We support individuals, leaders and teams looking to build a great place to work.

Mindfulness for fast paced (including startup / scaleup), agile and lean teams. We've worked with operational teams, digital innovation teams, customer service or commercial teams.

Co-create an innovative way of working to be weaved into your team structure and methodologies. We integrate design thinking and human-centric design with mindfulness and leadership tools.

Add a workshop for an offsite or team training event. 

Or schedule 1-1 coaching sessions.

Functional nutrition coaching

Your nutrition has a tremendous power to keep your body energised, functionally to your lifestyle. 


How can nutrition awareness support diverse and inclusive teams? from early career support to new parents and women in leadership inclusion and support.

What are the benefits of having a healthy microbiome (our second brain)? specially for creative or stressed periods of the year.

How can food support my sleep and recovery?

How to safely transition to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? (and help save the planet! nailing your company sustainability goals)


STNL method

Hi there, I’m Glen

It's time to complete the circle, and live life at it's fullest.

To be connected, dynamic and creative. More that we've ever been before.

Completing the cycle by making conscious space to renew and restore our brains and energy, so we can stay in a space of conscious choice and strategic thinking on the long run.

This is Human Sustainability.

We coach teams, leaders and individuals to co-create what the future of life and work for highly talented individuals looks like.

And as we do, bring that goodness to the benefit of the collective, connect to life and our passions, and stay inspired on our paths.

Glenda STLN founder

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